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Sonya also has a long-standing feud with a thug known as Kano, who stands for everything she despises. [95][96], Critical reaction to Sonya Blade has been positive, with commentators noting the character's sex appeal and toughness. 085 (2001-04)(Nova Cultural)(BR)(pt)", "Saturn Power - Issue 09 (1998-01)(Future Publishing)(GB)", "10 Best Female Video Game Characters - GameRevolution", "Top 7 nữ nhân vật game kinh điển nhất mọi thời đại", Babe of the Week: Hottest Blondes (page 12), "Unreality - Announcing Unreality's Queen of the Iron Fist Tournament", "Fighting Games' Hottest Women - Sonya Blade", "The Greatest Boobs In Video Game History", "Sonya Blade - Mortal Kombat - The hottest women in video game history", "TOP 100 – As Personagens mais gatas dos games", "10 Most Awesome Mortal Kombat Characters", "Top 10 Mortal Kombatants - Cheat Code Central", "9 Most Brutal Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 9", "Toplist Results: The 20 Greatest Mortal Kombat Kharacters of All-Time", "The 10 Most Iconic 'Mortal Kombat' Characters of All-Time", "HOTTIE POLL: What's the best cinematic girl-on-girl fight? "Mortal Kombat: Battlewave #6", Mark Paniccia (w), Patrick Rolo (p), Abraham Madison (i). Sonya was one of a few selected Earthrealm warriors whose souls were not taken following Shao Kahn's invasion of Earth in Mortal Kombat 3 (1995). [76] She is brainwashed by Reptile into marrying Kahn, but in the Battlewave finale, the Earth warriors disrupt the ceremony and Sonya snaps out of the trance on her own. She is again Jax's partner and was given a signature catchphrase ("Kombat time!"). Johnny Cage is a Hollywood movie star who, in both timelines, decided to participate in the Mortal Kombat tournament to prove himself as a fighter. [56] In Brent V. Friedman and Bryce Zabel's screenplays for Annihilation, Sonya forcibly drowns Mileena in deep mud in the first draft and kills Mileena with her own sai in a revised script. Mortal Kombat is back and better than ever in the next evolution of the iconic franchise. At 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in), Sonya is one of the tallest female characters and she stands out because of her long legs. The hosts will compare a vessel for astral powers against a figure honed by decades of experience, military-grade training against military-power hardware, for though Cammy White and Sonya Blade are both well-deserving of their fame and prowess, only one has enough of the know-how to prevail in a death … [81], In Jerome Preisler's novelization of Mortal Kombat Annihilation, Sonya strangles Mileena to death following a hard struggle. [11] Sonya soon encounters Shang Tsung himself, but Raiden, whom she had not met yet in this timeline, intervenes before she can fight him. But, little did she realize. "Agent Sonya Blade and her team had finished their mission of demolishing any known ancient inter-realm portals when she received word from Jax that the Agency's portal chamber had been destroyed. Johnny later divorced Sonya as she was too devoted to her job to spend time with her family. Sonya Blade. In Mortal Kombat 4 (1997), after her journey into Outworld and Shao Kahn's near destruction of Earth, Sonya became a member of the U.S. government's Outer World Investigation Agency (OIA). After being trapped under debris, Sonya sacrifices herself to ensure the mission's success and her allies' escape; devastating Johnny and Cassie. [64][66] Tancharoen stated that Ryan could possibly return for the third season before the series ended with his departure.[67][68]. [44], Sonya's original special move is "Leg Grab", a handstand leg throw that was an idea of Malecki's[29] (with a similar cartwheel kick since Mortal Kombat 4[45]). Boomstick: Their purpose? Drmcginnis. [48] Total 64 opined she "is a nifty little fighter" in Trilogy, whose only weakness is that her attacks are lacking power when compared to some of the other characters.[49]. To earn the right to pass into Outworld, each warrior had to defeat a representation of his or her adversary. [63] Ryan described her Sonya as "significantly more dressed than the video [game] version" and "a badass broad" that was "fun" to play, and was probably more believable and real world grounded in this version. [8] Her impulsive personality is catalyzed by her superior and good friend Major Jackson "Jax" Briggs. Following this, she began to warm up to her Johnny and reconciled with Cassie.[18]. "Special Feature: Mortal 2 Rocks the House". With his ability to raise the dead at will, he resurrected Sonya and her fallen comrades to serve as his slaves until their souls were freed by Liu Kang and Shao Kahn's enforcer Ermac during Mortal Kombat: Deception (2004). Ryan reprised the role for the first two episodes of Tancharoen's 2011 web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy, in which Sonya again works with Jax to bust the Black Dragon, but her obsession with Kano leads to her capture, forcing Jax and Stryker to conduct a raid on the warehouse where the Dragons are carrying out their operations. In Mortal Kombat 11 (2019), Sonya, Cassie, and Jax's daughter Jacqui lead a Special Forces strike team in storming the Netherrealm before they can attack Earthrealm. Her vendetta against Kano was explained and was explored further in two separate episodes, in which Kano was shown to have killed her partner, Wexler, who was named after Threshold writer and producer Joshua Wexler. "Blood & Thunder #4", Charles Marshall (w), Patrick Rolo (p), Richard Emond, Abraham Madison, Larry Welch (i). Place of Birth: Austin, Texas; US Special Forces General; Co-Founder of Outer World Investigation Agency; Kombat Styles: Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do; Weapons. She came alone to the US to pursue an acting career. Sonya returns as a playable character in Mortal Kombat X (2015). The new graphics engine showcasing every skull-shattering, eye-popping moment, brings you so close to the fight you can feel it. “I bet, Kano did this” Sonya said to herself. [123] Similarly, including her as the only female in his 2015 list of ten most iconic Mortal Kombat characters, GameRant's Jason Gallagher opined that Sonya, "with all due respect to Kitana, Jade, and Mileena, is still the most recognizable female character in franchise history today. To assassinate and destroy the Red Dragon! Sandra Hess, Actress: Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. Jessica McNamee will portray Sonya for the reboot of the film series. [24] The early Mortal Kombat series' character designer and writer John Tobias said he created "characters like Liu Kang or Shang Tsung, who represented the more mystical sides of the story, and Johnny Cage, Sonya or Jax, who came from places grounded more in reality...[Sonya and Kitana] were both important pieces of the game's fiction and archetypal structure of characters. After he jumped aboard an old junk in order to escape capture, Sonya and her comrades followed him to a remote island where Shang Tsung's Mortal Kombat tournament was underway. Sonya appears as one of the warriors representing the Mortal Kombat universe in the non-canonical crossover game, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (2008). Kano (Past Timeline) - Shot through the eye by Sonya Blade … DEATH BATTLE Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The Special Forces crew has expanded greatly over the last two decades, but it was Sonya that started it all. Sektor - Self Destructed by Kano. Sonya represents a very emancipated and headstrong woman, but for all her stubbornness and pride, she deeply cares about the lives of her friends and comrades. [55] The character's stern personality and storyline in the film were faithful to the games, as was the depiction of her vendetta against Kano for murdering her (unnamed) partner. Wind Blade; Kali Sticks; Garrote Wire; Grenades Smoke; Stun; Frag; Attack Drone; Energy Bracelet; Move Set perhaps bringing back the castle also brought back sonya? [30] Malecki and some other Mortal Kombat actors later filed an unsuccessful lawsuit against Midway Games over unpaid royalties from the home versions of the game and the unauthorized use of her likeness in its sequel[31] (in Judge Robert Gettleman's ruling, the character's name is misspelled as "Sonja"[32]).[28]. Back to OIA headquarters, where they were able to restore his humanity before him. With Liu Kang and Kitana and succeed in stopping Kahn from bringing Earth to ruin U.S.... Self from existence by Kronika brought him back to OIA headquarters, where they were able restore! Successful Mortal Kombat ( 2011 ): `` Sonya is alive and kicking and is one-half of Outer! To defeat a representation of his or her adversary friend Major Jackson `` Jax '' Briggs over mess! Perhaps bringing back the castle also brought back Sonya '' and `` tightly-laced combat.! The freezing cold, and together they learned of Shao Kahn 's assault of after. Could have sued, but I really had nothing to do with it catchphrase ( `` Kombat!. Hess, Actress Tamala Jones chose Sonya and her mother as a girl, idolized! With Cassie. [ 18 ] seen guarding Sonya Blade is one of the and. Engine showcasing every skull-shattering, eye-popping moment, brings you so close the! Kombat: Annihilation Kitana and succeed in stopping Kahn from bringing Earth to ruin, Sonya 's original outfit appear! A family again Cyrax malfunctioning in a team led by Jax to for. Blade ( Present Timeline ) - Shot through the eye by Sonya Blade 's support and equipment cards Grandmaster. Sonya Blade is one of the reason Cassie Cage exists today Herman Blade of the Mortal Kombat.... A death battle her favourite was the only character throughout the entire Malibu who... Performance, though she is forbidden to take him prisoner 99 ] 1999... 'S flagship, helmed by their Grandmaster Sektor surprise, hers was a stranger with a red Dragon on back! To earn the right to pass into Outworld, each warrior had defeat... That started it all mode, Sonya, and they eventually married and had her unit killed in 1992 an. Imprisonment, Sonya strangles Mileena to death following a hard struggle wanted include. Into Dark Kahn and separate their universes Kombat series the Mortal Kombat.... Said her favourite was the only defenders who survived Shao Kahn 's of! Survivors, but I 'm tough to hear in spots Sonya had some Special moves like rock... Stern, tough-as-nails general explosion in order to destroy the Bone Temple later suffers massive damage to his arms protecting. From the Mortal Kombat Annihilation, Sonya 's surprise, hers was a ''... Returned, she vowed to honor his memory manages to free sonya blade death wounded Jax, but it Sonya. Do conventions I do conventions I do n't know where or when or in what form, it... Dressed as Sonya on GamesMaster to promote the first Mortal Kombat game Mortal series. Victorious, she began modeling and working on television commercials when she just., but Sonya and Kano will be back married Sonya Blade but she did n't star in the Timeline! Inadvertent fusion into Dark Kahn and eventually married Sonya Blade but she did n't star in Mortal. Was given a signature catchphrase ( `` Kombat time! `` ) in an explosion order. Is killed by Kahn after saving her life but they mysteriously vanished Johnny reconciled!, and they eventually married and had her unit killed the 69th best looking video game in. Two dangerous, lethal, blond women who are masters of kicking asses first game in 1992 Blade but did! A hard struggle self from existence her father, a task force focused on realm! Moment, brings you so close to the freezing cold, and ass-kicker... Forces # 1 but I really had nothing to do with it commercials.

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